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Ohio Nurse Practice Act (1 Hour)
Law and Rules - Category A

You can take the test without obligation. To earn CE credit, you need to pass the test, complete an evaluation, and register/pay for your Certificate of Completion. Your Certificate will be delivered online immediately upon completing the course registration. (There is no charge for free courses and online certificate delivery.)

  • You must score 70% or better to pass this test.
  • Select one answer for each question.
  • Review your selections before submitting the test for grading.
Test Question

1. Ohio’s Scope of Practice Decision-Making Model helps a nurse determine whether to take an action based on legality, competency, safety, and:

Test Question

2. When an RN has reason to believe an ordered drug may be harmful to a patient, the nurse consults with the appropriate licensed practitioner and then makes a decision not to administer the drug. Which further action must the nurse take?

Test Question

3. The LPN discloses identifiable patient information only:

Test Question

4. Which is not a true statement regarding delegating a nursing task to an unlicensed person?

Test Question

5. According to the rules of the Ohio Administrative Code, the “analysis/reporting” step of the nursing process involves:

Test Question

6. According to the OAC standards for applying the nursing process, LPNs do not perform which action?

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