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Ohio Nurse Practice Act (1 Hour)
Law and Rules - Category A

You can take the test without obligation. To earn CE credit, you need to pass the test, complete an evaluation, and register/pay for your Certificate of Completion. Your Certificate will be delivered online immediately upon completing the course registration. (There is no charge for free courses and online certificate delivery.)

  • You must score 80% or better to pass this test.
  • Select one answer for each question.
  • Review your selections before submitting the test for grading.
Test Question

1. In which situation should a nurse practicing in Ohio apply the Ohio Board of Nursing Scope of Practice Decision-Making Model?

Test Question

2. Which action should an RN take after deciding to withhold a prescribed medication since it is known to be harmful to the patient?

Test Question

3. In which scenario is an LPN permitted to disclose identifiable patient information?

Test Question

4. To which unlicensed person may an Ohio registered nurse delegate the task of administering an over-the-counter enema?

Test Question

5. According to the rules of the Ohio Administrative Code, which action is completed in the analysis/reporting step of the nursing process?

Test Question

6. Which action would an LPN perform if following the OAC standards for applying the nursing process?

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