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Customer Becky Reichert, RN

quoteThis the best article I have read about drug diversion and prescribing... Excellent-concise and to the point... just what I need to know without tons of useless info!

Becky Reichert, RN

Boer Hospice House

Course: Best-Practice Prescribing and Drug Diversion Training for West Virginia Nurses (1 Hour)

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Customer Linda Baku, RN

quoteThis is one of the the best online courses I have taken. I needed a course that would help me teach heart surgery patients what to expect in the periopertive period and beyond. It was succinct, easy to understand and met my needs. I will share this knowledge with coworkers and integrate into my practice.

Linda Baku, RN

Course: Cardiac Patient Care

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Customer Kathi Martinez, RN

quoteI love that you can download the content to read and study at your own pace and then return to take the test. Very informative and affordable!

Kathi Martinez, RN

Alamo Heights Independent School District, Health Services Coordinator

Customer Donna Ketchum, RN

quoteI truly enjoyed this course. It was one of the most value-added on-line courses I have ever taken. Excellent and thank you.

Donna Ketchum, RN

Honeywell Aerospace Electronics Systems

Course: Breast Cancer

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Customer Lyn Edington, RN

quoteThis is an excellent course! I am insisting that all of my nurses take it. Pertinent for ambulatory care nurses in allergy and immunization, triage and when working with medical providers. Well done!

Lyn Edington, RN

Director of Nursing at Pat Walker Health Center at the University of Arkansas

Course: Asthma

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Customer Joy Waters, PT

quoteThis is an excellent overview. The case studies were good to bring together all of the information and facts that were presented. Course content was organized and easy to read.

Joy Waters, PT

Hospice in Statesboro, GA

Course: Older Adult Care

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Customer Lynette Kummerer, RN

quoteVery well laid out and concise, with clearly defined objectives and useful information.

Lynette Kummerer, RN

Course: Florida Nursing Laws and Rules

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Customer Joy Waters, PT

quoteExcellent website. The most organized I have found so far in reference to state-mandatory education requirements. Will use every year from now on! Thank you!

Courtney Roberts, RN

Course: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for West Virginia Registered Nurses

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Course: Drug Diversion Training and Best Practice Prescribing for WV Nurses

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quoteThis course is information-rich. The test questions are worded well enough to require comprehension of the material one has read and not simply filling in blanks of verbatim sentences from the content that are repeated as test questions. This was my first Wild Iris CE course, but it won't be my last!

Jason Marshall, Paramedic at American Medical Response

Course: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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quoteI liked how you could access the PDF version and could read the material at your own pace and did not have to pay before completing the test. Easy to access and complete. How information was presented made it very easy to understand and follow without too much detail to make it overwhelming.

Kaitlyn D., PT, DPT

Course: Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting in Pennsylvania (2 CH) Mandated Reporter Training

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quoteI have tried other tests before but Wild Iris surpasses all others. Excellent!

Cordell Maule, NP

Course: Infection Control Training for New York State Healthcare Professionals

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quoteI love Wild Iris! The course material is interesting and engaging. The courses are challenging and relevant. I actually learn something when I take your classes. Thank you.

Tamara McCauley, MSN, RN

Kaiser Permanente, TPMG

Course: Pain Management

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quoteThis course was exceptional in content, relevance, and accuracy. The presentation of current and updated information was also excellent. I would recommend this course for all practitioners who need a thorough review of prostate cancer.

Melissa Behnke, MN, RN, AOCNS for more than 40 years

Patient Family Care Advisor for Kings Daughter's Medical Center in Ashland, KY, and Independent Nursing Consultant in Oncology

Course: Prostate Cancer

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quoteThis is one of the best CEU courses I've ever taken. I've been a nurse for over 20 years. Well written, held my attention, great case study, relevant test questions. I really enjoy working with businesses that provide an exceptional product as well as excellent customer service. I only took the course because it was required for my licensure. I didn't realize how much I would learn and enjoy it because of the way it was presented. High five to those authors. I'm not required to take the course on controlled substances, but I'm thinking about taking it anyway because of the way the Wild Iris Medical Education offers it, even before the 15% discount offered as a new customer. I can't express how enjoyable it is to read something that is straightforward, professional, and has real application examples clearly and concisely presented. Your website is so easy to navigate as well. I wish your company continued success. I'll be back to Wild Iris Medical Education. Thank you.

MaryAnn P., RN, BSN

Course: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for West Virginia Registered Nurses

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quoteWell-organized presentation without excess verbiage. Information delivered in an expedient format.

Jeanne Longbottom, MSN-Ed, RN, CHPN

quoteI always enjoy learning with this educational site. I recommend it to other agencies and my fellow nurses. Thank you for being a fair, professional learning site.

Genina LaLand, RN

Course: Wound Care

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quoteI thought this was a very well-organized and interesting learnpoint. I was able to read though without feeling overwhelmed or bored and found it very interesting.

Abigail Cole, RN

Course: Substance Abuse Education for Delaware Nurses - Drug Diversion Training and Best Practice Prescribing

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quoteThis course was easy to access and met my needs for CEUs in a manner that fits my lifestyle.

Denise Koser, RN

Course: Substance Abuse Education for Delaware Nurses - Drug Diversion Training and Best Practice Prescribing

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quoteThank you for providing an educational course relevant to my area of nursing. I'm especially happy to be able to receive the certificate of completion immediately.

Anita Hopson, RN

Course: Pregnancy Complications

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quoteThough this course was LONG, it is well-written and an excellent comprehensive review/update about HIV/AIDS. This has been one of the most informative and interesting continuing education courses I have completed this year.

Katherine K., RN

Course: HIV/AIDS Training for Washington Healthcare Professionals (7 CH)

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quoteThis is the first online course I have completed for CEUs. I have always attended classes, but due to their escalating prices chose this. For the first time, I have not been bored to tears and can learn at my own pace.

Ryan, OT

Course: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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