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Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace

You can take the test without obligation. To earn CE credit, you need to pass the test, complete an evaluation, and register/pay for your Certificate of Completion. Your Certificate will be delivered online immediately upon completing the course registration. (There is no charge for free courses and online certificate delivery.)

  • You must score 70% or better to pass this test.
  • Select one answer for each question.
  • Review your selections before submitting the test for grading.
Test Question

1. Which reason is believed to be the most reliable indicator for risk of alcohol or drug dependence?

Test Question

2. Which behavior is most likely to be associated with drug diversion in the workplace?

Test Question

3. Which statement best describes nurses’ actions about reporting suspected impairment in a colleague?

Test Question

4. Which step is completed first when planning to report a case of suspected impaired practice?

Test Question

5. Under which circumstance is a nurse who is reported as practicing while impaired most likely to avoid disciplinary action?

Test Question

6. Which concept should be considered by an employer when developing a substance use disorder (SUD) education program for nurses in the workplace?

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