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Help with Creating an Account

Wild Iris Medical Education

Creating an account is free and takes only a few minutes. Although you do not have to create an account to take a course and get your certificate, it will save you valuable time when registering for future courses and enable you to view/print your certificates at any time.

Two things you’ll need before starting are:

  • A unique email address. If you don’t already have your own email address, you can get one for free at websites such as Google Mail or Yahoo Mail.
  • Your license number(s) on hand so you can enter your license information when you create your account.
  • Entering your license number(s) as part of your account information enables our system to match your license information with course registrations you have completed with us prior to creating your account, if any.

About Accounts

  • Registering for a completed course as a guest does not create an account.
  • If you took a course from us in the past, that does not mean you have created an account.
  • Your web browser must be set to allow cookies in order to create an account.
  • Questions? See our FAQ.