Persis Hamilton

Persis Hamilton worked for many years as Wild Iris’s nurse planner to ensure compliance with guidelines of the American Nurses Credentialing Center Commission on Accreditation. She serves on the Wild Iris Board of Directors and continues to write courses. Persis has a rich background in nursing, nursing education, and writing. She has written fourteen nursing textbooks for two major publishers and many courses for Wild Iris. Her master’s degree focused on community mental health nursing and her doctoral dissertation investigated the relationship of learning to behavioral objectives and visual design in a textbook. In addition, Persis Mary Hamilton is a Course Author for Wild Iris.

A range of faces depicting different emotions

Emotions in Healthcare

What stirs our souls when we watch a glorious sunrise, depresses our mood when facing a disappointment, enflames our passion when we see injustice, or sickens us when we see repulsive behavior? Emotions do. But what are emotions…

A dark room with an individual standing in it.

Depression and Depressive Disorders

Almost everyone has days when they feel discouraged, disheartened, and a bit grouchy. Usually, these times of reduced energy and irritability last only a short time and soon vitality and enthusiasm for life returns…

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