Nursing Resources

Caring for a victim

Nursing Notes: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a massive problem in the United States. On any given day during a nursing shift, you might encounter someone who is in an abusive relationship…

Nurse listing goals and plans for the coming year.

Nursing Plans & Goals

The start of a new year always brings newfound motivation with a heightened focus on New Year’s resolutions, nursing plans, and goal-setting for the future…

Two hands holding a plastic heart

Organ and Tissue Donation and Recovery

As of 2021, 169 million people in the United States have registered as donors. Not everyone who registers as a donor is able to donate. In fact, only 3 in 1,000 people die in a way that allows for deceased organ and tissue donation…

Choosing between becoming a RN or LPN.

Nursing Programs: RN vs. LPN

Do you want to enter nursing but aren’t sure which program to pursue? Let’s look more closely at the licensed practical nurse (LPN) route and the registered nurse (RN) route. The reason for choosing one over the other will depend on you…

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