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Enhance Your Nursing Knowledge with Wild Iris Medical Education’s Courses with Audio Option

by Anja Grimes

Nursing Continuing Education is a cornerstone of professional development for nurses and other healthcare professionals, allowing them to stay up to date with the latest advancements and broaden their knowledge base. Wild Iris Medical Education, a renowned leader in nursing CE and professional development, is proud to announce the latest addition to their 2024 comprehensive curriculum – courses with an audio option:

This offering will revolutionize the way nurses and other healthcare professionals such as occupational therapists and assistants and physical therapists and assistants acquire their contact hours, providing them with a flexible and accessible audio learning experience as an enhancement to the written course content.

The Evolution of Nursing Education: The Rise of Courses with Audio Option

Over the years, nursing continuing education and professional development (NCPD) has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of healthcare professionals. Traditional methods of CEU acquisition, such as attending in-person lectures or completing written modules, have their own limitations. However, technology continues to open more possibilities, one of which is the new audio feature for select online courses offered by Wild Iris Medical Education.

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Nurses and other healthcare providers can listen to course material on the go, whether it’s during their commute to work, while exercising, or even during their lunch break. This convenience eliminates the need for health professionals to schedule specific study hours, allowing for a more flexible learning experience that aligns seamlessly with their busy schedules. With nursing CEU courses with audio option, you can embark on an educational journey without sacrificing the demands of your profession.

Furthermore, this innovative learning method caters to different types of learners. While some individuals thrive in traditional classroom settings, others prefer an auditory experience to fully absorb knowledge. The audio feature on our nursing CEU courses taps into the power of auditory learning, engaging nurses with a dynamic mix of content and case studies to facilitate comprehension and retention.

Exceptional Curriculum and Expertise: Unparalleled Learning Experience 

Wild Iris Medical Education has an impeccable track record when it comes to delivering high-quality and evidence-based courses that meet the needs of practicing nurses. As an ANCC accredited provider, they have harnessed their experience and knowledge to create nursing CE courses with an audio option that offer essential insights into the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Nurse at work listening to a nursing ceu audio course, a convenient way to take her ceus.

Wild Iris Medical Education’s nursing continuing education courses with audio augment the written course content online, which includes additional tables, reference list, and resources to enhance engagement. This approach ensures that nurses receive an invaluable learning experience that connects theory and practice seamlessly.

User-Friendly Learning Platform: Seamlessly Accessible

Wild Iris Medical Education understands the importance of user-friendly platforms in facilitating seamless learning experiences. Their courses are housed on a dedicated online platform that provides easy access to course materials, progress tracking, and continuing education certificates.

CEO Janis MacDonald:

Our nursing CE courses with audio or listening options are designed to be a study aid to the written course material. Written content is enhanced with images, tables, graphs, resources ,and references. To be awarded the course contact hours, reading the entire course is essential, and a PDF version can be downloaded for future reference. To receive a certificate of completion, a student must pass the written post-test of the relevant continuing education course and then register and make payment.  

Nurses can conveniently access the audio study guide from any device, including smartphones, tablets, or computers. The platform boasts a sleek design and intuitive navigation, ensuring that nurses can effortlessly locate and revisit relevant content. Progress tracking features allow learners to monitor their advancement through the course, helping them stay motivated and organized.


Wild Iris Medical Education’s current CE courses with audio are a game-changer in continuing nursing education, and more audio study guides are planned to launch soon. The flexibility, comprehensive curriculum, and user-friendly platform make those an exceptional choice for nurses looking to enhance their knowledge and meet their professional development goals. Embrace the future of nursing education today and embark on a transformative learning journey with the nursing CE courses with audio from Wild Iris Medical Education.

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