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Oncology (Cancer) Nursing CEUs

Continuing Education for Nurses

Cancer/oncology nursing CEUs. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Update your knowledge about various forms of cancer for best patient outcomes. Learn about breast cancer, prostate cancer, end-of-life issues, and more.

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Ten ribbons in varying colors representing various cancers for oncology Nursing CE Courses


Woman in white tank top making a heart with her hands and holding pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness Breast Cancer: Types, Treatment, and Survivorship Care

course star rating - 3.8 stars 3.8 stars

Types and categories of breast cancer, diagnosis methods, treatments and possible side effects, survivorship care, and end-of-life issues.

4 $30.00
Elderly woman is caringly holding older male adult's hand who is laying in bed for end-of-life while listening to Nurse End-of-Life, Palliative, and Hospice Care

course star rating - 4.1 stars 4.1 stars

Differences between palliative care and hospice care, ethical and legal principles in end-of-life care, pain management, care needs for special populations, effective communication with patient and family, care during final hours and postmortem.

7 $42.00
Plain-wooden puzzle pieces in shape of lungs with 2 red puzzle pieces representing cancer below a stethoscope Lung Cancer

course star rating - 4.3 stars 4.3 stars

Epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, and etiology of lung cancer. Discuss different types, treatment, rehabilitation, and complications.

6 $39.00
Asian woman in light pink blouse sitting at desk holding her hands to her temples trying to manage her pain Pain Management: Assessment and Patient Care for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

course star rating - 4.0 stars 4.0 stars

Managing pain: understanding the experience and physiology of pain, elements of a comprehensive pain assessment, interventions and strategies, roles and guidelines for providers, ethical concerns, and issues related to opioids.

8 $45.00
Male nurse with beard in blue scrubs holding his temples with his hands to manage pain and Oregon state outline Pain Management for Oregon Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

course star rating - 3.8 stars 3.8 stars

REQUIRED FOR OREGON RN/LPN/NP Fulfills OR 6-hour CE requirement. Covers pain assessment and interventions, roles and guidelines for nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, and issues regarding opioid use.

6 $60.00
Torso of older male nurse in blue scrubs holding blue ribbon for prostate cancer awareness in his right hand Prostate Cancer: Current Approaches in Nursing Care and Patient Management

course star rating - 4.1 stars 4.1 stars

Risk factors and prevalence of prostate cancer, steps in the diagnostic process, and treatment options including benefits, risks, and side effects. Also outlines the nurse's role in management and care during treatment and post-treatment.

4 $30.00

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