Nurses face a lot of mental stress

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself so that you can care for others…

Nurse discussing proposed care with patient

Patient Expectations and Nursing Care

Patient satisfaction is directly linked to patient expectations. As nurses, it’s so important to consider all of the ways a patient might view their own health outcomes…

Nurse tired of being berated by her peer.

Bullying in Nursing

By Sheryl Ness, MA, BSN, ADN, RN

The concept of bullying in nursing is not a new one. I remember hearing the phrase “nurses eat their young” as I started my career. I had to admit, I didn’t believe it…

Nurse comforting an elderly man.

Compassion Fatigue

By Sheryl Ness, MA, BSN, ADN, RN

As a nurse, you have likely experienced compassion fatigue. When you see the term, you know exactly what this is. However, the concept of compassion fatigue is…

Nurse patiently explaining a diagnosis to an elderly lady.

Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias

By Sheryl Ness, MA, BSN, ADN, RN

Nurses work in an ever-changing environment with many nuances to manage. Each person brings their own values, beliefs, and unique culture with them to work each day….

A nurse making the shape of a heart with her two hands

Finding Time for Work-Life Balance

By Sheryl Ness, MA, BSN, ADN, RN

Do you find that you’re having problems finding just the right balance between your work and life responsibilities? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone…

Nurses attending a group meditation session.

Relaxation Strategies for Nurses

By Sheryl Ness, MA, BSN, ADN, RN

Now more than ever, nurses need to have self-care strategies in place to manage the everyday stress of working as a nurse…

A range of faces depicting different emotions

Emotions in Healthcare

What stirs our souls when we watch a glorious sunrise, depresses our mood when facing a disappointment, enflames our passion when we see injustice, or sickens us when we see repulsive behavior? Emotions do. But what are emotions…

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