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Substance Abuse/Addiction Nursing CEUs

Continuing Education Courses for Nurses

Nursing CEUs covering substance abuse, addiction, prescription drug misuse, opioid diversion, and more. Includes mandatory pain management and best practice prescribing courses for Delaware, Oregon, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

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  • Accepted in All 50 U.S. states and U.S. territories
A variety of different shaped and colored pills laying on a table representing substance abuse and addiction nursing CEU


Nurse in blue scrubs and stethoscope talking to elderly female patient in t-shirt sitting on bed about health Health and Behavior: Techniques to Facilitate Change in Patients

course star rating - 4.1 stars 4.1 stars

Concepts and models of change, practical strategies to facilitate patient behavioral change, and factors affecting an individual's ability to change.

2 $18.00
Young man in a mental health crisis sitting cross-legged on bed holding his hands in front of his face Mental Health Crisis Intervention and Support for Patients

course star rating - 3.7 stars 3.7 stars

CEU course for nursing and other health professions. This 5-hour behavioral health continuing education course covers types of mental health crises, the crisis intervention process, and ethical and legal issues. Learn assessment and de-escalation techniques for patients experiencing a crisis or mental health emergency associated with depression, anxiety, substance use, and mental health disorders.

5 $35.00
Left hand holding 8 oval shaped white prescription pain management pills and New Mexico state outline Non-Cancer Pain Management for New Mexico Advanced Practice Nurses

course star rating - 3.8 stars 3.8 stars

REQUIRED FOR NEW MEXICO APRN Fulfills the New Mexico requirement for 5 hours of CE on the management of non-cancer pain for advanced practice nurses.

5 $50.00
Asian woman in light pink blouse sitting at desk holding her hands to her temples trying to manage her pain Pain Management: Assessment and Patient Care for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

course star rating - 4.0 stars 4.0 stars

Managing pain: understanding the experience and physiology of pain, elements of a comprehensive pain assessment, interventions and strategies, roles and guidelines for providers, ethical concerns, and issues related to opioids.

8 $45.00
Male nurse with beard in blue scrubs holding his temples with his hands to manage pain and Oregon state outline Pain Management for Oregon Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

course star rating - 3.8 stars 3.8 stars

REQUIRED FOR OREGON RN/LPN/NP Fulfills OR 6-hour CE requirement. Covers pain assessment and interventions, roles and guidelines for nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, and issues regarding opioid use.

6 $60.00
Three orange pill bottles with white lids and prescription stickers and one pill bottle with white round pills falling out  Prescription Drug and Controlled Substance Abuse: Opioid Diversion and Best-Practice Prescribing

course star rating - 3.8 stars 3.8 stars

Factors contributing to misuse/abuse of prescribed pain medications; most commonly abused and/or diverted drugs; managing chronic pain and CDC guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain; best practices for prescribing controlled substances.

3 $30.00
Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace

course star rating - 3.7 stars 3.7 stars

Recognizing risk factors and signs of impairment in the workplace and understanding how to respond appropriately, including barriers to early identification of impaired nurses, reporting/referring, interventions, and prevention initiatives.

2 $18.00
Various prescription pills causing impairment laying on black surface and Florida state outline Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace for Florida Nurses

course star rating - 3.8 stars 3.8 stars

REQUIRED FOR FLORIDA RN/LPN/ARNP/CNS Fulfills requirement for 2 hours of CE on recognizing and responding to signs and behaviors that may be associated with impairment in the workplace.

2 $20.00
White pills and filter cigarettes laying on white surface for substance abuse and Michigan state outline Substance Abuse Education for Delaware Nurses: Drug Diversion Training and Best-Practice Prescribing

course star rating - 3.7 stars 3.7 stars

REQUIRED FOR DELAWARE RN/LPN Fulfills the requirement for 3 contact hours of continuing education on substance abuse for nurses in Delaware, focusing on prescription drug abuse and diversion, challenges in managing chronic pain, and best practices for prescribing controlled substances.

3 $30.00
Nurse in blue scrubs putting her hand on elderly female patient with mental illness Understanding Mental Illness for All Healthcare Professionals: Integrating Physical and Mental Health Care

course star rating - 3.5 stars 3.5 stars

Understand the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of mental health disorders in patients being seen for physical health conditions, and learn about effective responses. Covers common myths and stigmatization of mental disorders.

3 $24.00

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