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Nevada Required Bioterrorism CE for Nurses

Nevada Nursing License Renewal Information

Nevada State
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Nevada State-Mandated Courses

Man in full-body protection suit and gloves holding blue lab tubes for bioterrorism and Nevada state outline Bioterrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Emergency Preparedness for Nevada Nurses

course star rating - 4.0 stars 4.0 stars

REQUIRED FOR NEVADA RN/LPN Fulfills Nevada bioterrorism CE requirement. Prepare for and respond effectively to an act of bioterrorism involving WMDs, methods of protection for nurses and patients, and the role of HAN and NVHAN.

4 $40.00
Many different colored hands representing diversity in culture coming together in a circle. Cultural Competency Training

course star rating - 3.9 stars 3.9 stars

Effective and respectful care of patients belonging to different populations. Includes health risk factors and clinical implications, best practices regarding patient information, communication, and legal issues. Meets 2024 Nevada BON requirement as per AB267.

4 $40.00
Two hands pointing towards viewer, holding red ribbon representing HIV/AIDS prevention HIV/AIDS Training and Education for Healthcare Professionals

course star rating - 3.9 stars 3.9 stars

3-hour continuing education course on HIV/AIDS training for nursing, occupational therapy, and other health professions. This online CEU covers HIV etiology and epidemiology, risk factors for transmission, HIV testing and counseling, clinical manifestations, antiretroviral therapy, patient care management guidelines, and preventive and control measures.

3 $24.00
Three orange pill bottles with white lids and prescription stickers and one pill bottle with white round pills falling out  Prescription Drug and Controlled Substance Abuse: Opioid Diversion and Best-Practice Prescribing

course star rating - 3.8 stars 3.8 stars

Factors contributing to misuse/abuse of prescribed pain medications; most commonly abused and/or diverted drugs; managing chronic pain and CDC guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain; best practices for prescribing controlled substances.

3 $30.00
Yellow ribbon representing suicide awareness and prevention next to black stethoscope on table Suicide Intervention and Prevention

course star rating - 3.9 stars 3.9 stars

How to assess and determine risk for suicide; protective factors; documentation of risks, actions, and plan of care; management and treatment; prevention. Includes data specific to the veteran population.

6 $39.00

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Nevada License Renewal Information

Nursing CEU Requirements

The Nevada State Board of Nursing requires 30 hours of continuing nursing education (CNE) for each license renewal.

The Nevada State Legislature passed AB250 mandating bioterrorism CEs for licensed healthcare professionals, including nurses.

A one-time 4-hour CE course on bioterrorism is mandatory.
Bioterrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

RN and LPN license renewal in Nevada is on the nurse's birthday.

Updated: July 2017, for details, always refer to the Nevada BON.

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