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Washington Department of Health License Requirements

HIV/AIDS and Suicide Prevention Training

Washington State
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Washington State-Mandated Courses

HIV/AIDS Training for Washington Healthcare Professionals (4 CH)

REQUIRED: SEE APPROVED LICENSES Fulfills the requirement for 4 hours of HIV/AIDS training for healthcare professionals in the Washington State. Covers transmission and infection control, legal and ethical issues, psychosocial issues, and WA reporting requirements.

4 $40.00
HIV/AIDS Training for Washington Healthcare Professionals (7 CH)

REQUIRED FOR LICENSURE: SEE APPROVED LICENSES Fulfills the requirement for 7 hours of HIV/AIDS training in Washington State. Covers transmission of HIV, infection control, WA laws concerning confidentiality and testing, clinical manifestations and treatment, psychosocial issues, and legal and ethical issues.

7 $65.00
Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management for Washington Healthcare Professionals: Suicide Prevention Training Program

REQUIRED SUICIDE PREVENTION TRAINING - 6 HOURS 6-hour training approved by WA DOH on how to assess and determine risk for suicide, and appropriate treatment and management for at-risk individuals.

6 $60.00
Suicide Intervention and Prevention Training for Washington Healthcare Professionals (3 Hours)

REQUIRED SUICIDE PREVENTION TRAINING - 3 HOURS Suicide risk assessment, treatment, and referral/management. Understanding the complex nature of suicide, how to assess and determine risk for suicide, treatment modalities for suicidal behavior; prevention and intervention strategies.

3 $30.00

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Washington License Renewal Information

Nursing CEU Requirements

HIV/AIDS mandatory education
The Washington Department of Health requires you to have AIDS education if you

  • Work as a health care professional or in a state licensed or health care facility in Washington
  • Want to get a license, certification or registration to practice a regulated health care profession in Washington State

4 hour HIV/AIDS
For veterinarians, veterinary technician, optometrists, nursing home administrators, mental health counselors, chiropractors, and more, see list:
7 hour HIV/AIDS
For registered nurses (RN), occupational therapists, athletic trainers, dentists, psychologists, pharmacists, naturopaths, and more, see list:

Beginning July 1, 2017, healthcare professionals need to take Suicide Prevention Training:

6 hour Suicide
For social workers, licensed mental health professionals, nurses, marriage and family therapists, naturopaths, osteopathic physicians/surgeons/physician assistants, physicians and physician assistants, psychologists, pharmacists and retired active licensees of the above professions.

3 hour Suicide
For certified counselors and advisers, chemical dependence professionals, chiropractors, pharmacists, occupational therapists and assistants, and physical therapists and assistants.

Updated: July 2017, for details, always refer to your board.

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